Anna Kowalska – Your hands are the window to how your heart is wired

Anna Kowalska is an Artist and Scientific Hand Analyst.

She has transformed her life to create freedom for what she truly desires and works with her clients to help them do the same.

Anna uses Scientific Hand Analysis to identify an individual’s Soul Agreement/Purpose and unique and personal road map to living it. She creates individual and group experiences that combine intuition, creative expression and powerful guidance to facilitate creative and spiritual opening. She is the Creator of the “Dance & Paint”, “Heal Your Heart” and “Free Your Wings” experiences.

How did you get started doing this work?

Five years ago Anna was looking for an expression of her and her work in the world that would fully satisfy her. Something that she would never doubt again, because at the time she was doubting everything.

What she learned from the scientific hand analysis she received has set her free to follow her purpose without doubting it.

Scientific Hand Analysis vs. Palm Reading

Scientific Hand Analysis shows you how your brain is wired. The lines in your hands are correlated to the neural pathways in your brain.

What does your Heart Line show you?

The Heart Line reflects how you express love and how you receive love. Plus any heart lessons you are experiencing.

My dominant hand reflects how I am in the outer world and my other hand reflects how I am in my inner world and my inner circle or closest loved ones.

Hear Anna read my Heart Line live and unfiltered on this show…

You’ll hear Anna nail an episode of betrayal that happened when I was in the 6th grade from looking at my hands.

Plus what a bubble on my Heart Line means, and where I’m bending backwards.

The main lines that are in your hand are:

Heart line – how you express and how you love.

Head line – your style of thinking and how you process information.

Life line – your energy level. Your lifestyle.

Fate line – your career path and follow through.

Also your fingerprints indicate your purpose, your lesson and your life school. This is your North Star in your life.

Interview Links –

Anna’s website

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